This picture fucked me up
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Humboldt was especially breathtaking this week 😊

things i miss:

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The Hemloft designed and built by Joel Allen | more Hemloft

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i was quite young when “hey ya” came out and i didn’t know that “caddy” was slang for “cadillac” so i thought that the line in the song was “don’t want to meet your daddy, just want you as my caddy” and i remember thinking, okay, he doesn’t want to commit to this girl. he’s just looking for a golfing buddy. fair enough. 

wait is that not what it’s saying 

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today’s agenda is looking like watching this , drinking a bottle of vodka and baking peanut butter cookies so far 
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I want to die and be born again as a full hobbit.

I think hobbit metabolism work differently than human…

Wait what about second breakfast!?

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Baby put on heart shaped sunglasses cause we’re gonna take a ride
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Opaque  by  andbamnan